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The American Dream needs to include room for people whose "dream" is anchored in responsibility to people in general, and to the Earth. Some of us are happy to live more like monks, without our own houses, without family, with bicycles, and in open rental communities that are typically full of young people trying to get their footing, paying off student loans, maybe preparing to buy a home, seeking a partner, or some of us serving as anchors in the neighborhood. And being in very old buildings, designed with horses in mind, we are not burdened by the "Affordable Housing" laws which for 40 years have meant that this sort of community is no longer built, since the advantages to a developer are better if tenants are tethered to "affordable" income restrictions and percentage restrictions that would make sense if one were investing that rent in a home with that percent of income (30%), an arrangement which would also make more sense, social sense, if the housing were equally "ratable" for tax purposes (like this old style rental housing where local taxes came out of the rent money, collected pro rata, the same rata as single family homes). Instead, the Affordable Housing laws is little by little creating a class whose stance is "how much can I get OUT of the system" ("since we're not granted status as local taxpayers"). People (like me) who pay abouto twice as much monthly for health insurance as for rent are advised to milk the medical system for all we can, regardless of the fact such milking only increases the cost to everybody. Fear makes the norm fleecing the system. It shocks me to hear political interviewers totally speechless when I voice a need for the shift in the American dream I have outlined. It also shocks me when I hear people who know full well they are beneficiaries rather than contributors who nonetheless find some way to claim they as Americans "deserve" a house, a car, and even a spouse. Given the rate of divorce, given the rate of single parenthood -- given all that, and given the cost to Earth of increasing population (is it 6 billion we're approaching?), I think good space should be made for those whose "dream" evolves in a way less likely to ruin the planet. There are plenty of such dreams, but people mightily don't want to listen. Such a dream is not good for the real estate business, for one, as long as they push everyone into houses -- or condos at a minimum, nor good for car manufacturers who push us into the biggest cars that our roads can handle. It would also be good to have parents less invested in their hopes for their children and more able to claim their own contribution to their world, which again means the simplicity of "having children and passing on the American dream" is extremely inadequate. It is a total avoidance of the real questions about what am I here for, right now.

Why the Biggest quot;Myths quot; About Direct messages spy May Actually Be Right

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I totally agree with the first comment from Dan Bednarz, that for Americans to create a "Just World," we must include "ecological realities like where doesStuff comes from on this finite planet? Is the fuel we use to heat or cool our homes going to be dirty?" Is so-called "clean coal" going to spew mercury and toxic grit into our Air supply? Is Oil worth the cost of Human Sacrifice in the Millions? How many oil spills can our Oceans take? Or will we follow McCain's insane vision of 45 nuclear power plants? Thus making billions for a few, and requiring perpetual war to prevent terrorists from stealing Our Deadly Waste! And what about the U.S. Weapon of Mass Destruction, Depleted Uranium which kills our Soldiers and Innocent Civilians while poisoning the Planet! In the midst of this nightmare there are a few million who hold a Vision of clean, safe Energy from the sun, wind, oceans, hemp, geothermal, etc. We must demand of those in our government to support the joint efforts of Rep. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich to pass The Industrial Hemp Act of 2008, allowing Us to Grow Hemp for food, fuel, fiber, paper, plastics and oxygen! Both men also stand for our God given right to Medical Marijuana: Genesis, Chap. 1, Verse 29. We must also demand that Congress protect us from Monsanto type agendas of starvation by use of poisonous pesticides, petrochemical fertilizers, and sterile, bioengineered seeds. See Frontline's documentary "Suicide Seeds" and demand it be shown in Congress! On my car there is a bumper sticker which says "No Justice - No Peace" with a quote from Rev M. L. King,Jr, "True Peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the Presence of Justice." In my Vision for a "Just World," We, The People will have Organic food, free from artificial flavors and colors that come from coal tar and petrochemicals. Our food will be free of MSG, aspartame, growth hormones, and thousands of synthetic additives "generally recognized as safe..." We will grow Organic Gardens All Over the World! We will eat "all natural," whole grains and animals raised compassionately - obesity and diabetes will dis- appear. We will respect the World's Rivers and Oceans, and stop dumping waste into them, killing the coral reefs and other living ecosystems. These "ecological realities" were addressed 30 odd yrs ago in E.F. Schumacher's book: "Small is Beautiful - Economics As If People Mattered." My Vision would make it mandatory reading for Big Business and Govt. Not only must we choose wisely "where stuff comes from," but we must also be responsible for where all our stuff goes on Space Ship Earth! If we all shared Mahatma Gandhi's Vision of "Enough for everyone's need, not everyone's greed," we might succeed!

What's the Future of the American Dream?Our country is headed in the wrong direction. If "We the People" do not realize what is at stake in this election, perform our due diligence and select the proper public servant to be our president. The future of the American dream has already been given away to the very people we cuss at every day. Our country must be governed "by the people, for the people" I am a middle-aged man that has endured more financial hardship than I care to discuss. My wages have shrunk by 75% in the past 6 years. Including a 15% cut in pay last week because of a "sluggish economy" and the lack of work in the automotive industry. Although I have lost my house, my 401K, and I'm losing my car, I have as much pride for my country as anyone. I am a veteran of the armed forces. I still sing the national anthem with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I don't blame the government for my hardships. I blame myself. I also hold myself and the people of our nation responsible for the government officials we now have. We are the ones that voted for them and lost control of our government. We must get it back! We all know what "Mr. Bush" has done with has saber and pen. He is there because "We the People" blindly followed... What's the Future of the American Dream? I want it to be bright and hopeful, however I am saddened to say that the American dream is on life support and dying. It belongs to the already wealthy, large corporations and their lobbyists. If "We the People" want our American Dream we dammed well better ALL learn about what is a stake this November. We ALL better take this one personal. We all need to be involved. Everyone that is able needs get educated and must to vote. The Future of the American Dream is in our hands and we better all stand up and fight for it. I sure as hell I'm going to... 350c69d7ab


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