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Alonso Tretyakov
Alonso Tretyakov

The Macallan Masters Of Photography.

An absolutely stunning release from The Macallan, combining the two art forms of whisky and photography. The Macallan Masters of Photography: Magnum Edition, the seventh limited edition release, celebrates the opening of the new Macallan distillery. The single malt marries whisky from eight casks, including a spicy cask, a classic cask, a European red wine cask, a first fill American barrel and a cask of age.

The Macallan Masters of Photography.

Wood sits at the heart of The Macallan. The vital contributing influences of Spain, North America and Scotland, together with true mastery, set it apart from the rest. For more information on The Macallan, visit The Macallan can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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This limited edition box set retails for approximately $2,995. There are only 1,000 bottles worldwide (and only 100 bottles allocated to the US). For purchasing questions, one must email The Macallan at[at]themacallan[dot]com.

Our aim in these online photography courses is to create inspirational journeys for you with the greatest names in the world of photography. Our Masters Of Photography will teach you how to develop your own ideas and how to capture and document the world around you as you see it.

ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSDevelop your photography with the world-renowned photographer whose famous Afghan Girl portrait is one of the most iconic portraits ever captured. Steve gives us a unique insight into how he creates his images and covers a broad range of subjects including landscape, street and portrait photography.

Masters of Photography is an education platform and a resource for photographers. Our courses (the masterclasses and discovery classes) are for anyone who wants to learn from some of the most highly regarded and influential photographers in the world in order to elevate their own photography. If you want to learn why not learn from the best? The Masters themselves study the works of the greats.

The classes have been designed to be suitable for all levels of experience. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced professional, learning from a Master is sure to help you to improve your photography.

The classes provide you with lifetime access to the ethos and photographic philosophies of true master photographers. You will learn how they approach their work, the techniques they use and their tips for elevating your own photography.

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