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Pandolfini's Endgame Course

Pandolfini's teaching career began immediately after the Championship. Starting with private instruction and small seminars,[10] Pandolfini, with George Kane and Frank Thornally, formed U. S. Chess Masters, Inc., an educational organization that structured systematized programs to a wide range of players. In 1973 the same group began teaching chess classes for credit at the New School for Social Research, the first such courses ever offered in America.[citation needed] Pandolfini remained on the faculty of the New School until 1991.[citation needed]

Pandolfini's Endgame Course

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Pandolfini has written a monthly column for the magazine Chess Life titled The ABC's of Chess since 1979.[23] This column once featured endgame lessons, then monthly tutorials on openings, but since the early 1990s has evolved into Solitaire Chess, an instructional column inviting readers to guess the moves played in a single chess game. Pandolfini also has written regular features for (The Q & A Way) and, both of which offer online services. But it is as an author of chess books that his writings are perhaps best known. Pandolfini has to his credit more than thirty titles on the game of chess.[24][25] Some of Bruce Pandolfini's output has been criticized for its inaccuracy and lack of sources.[26] 041b061a72


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