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Real Kanojo (Real Girlfriend) Free Full Game Do...

VR Kanojo (VR カノジョ) is a virtual reality eroge social simulation game made by Illusion, released in February 2017 for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Microsoft Windows PCs.[1] VR Kanojo is the successor to Illusion's 2010 game REAL Kanojo, and follows a similar premise where the player is allowed to interact with a virtual girlfriend.[1] It has been described as similar to Bandai Namco's Summer Lesson.[2][3]

Real Kanojo (Real Girlfriend) Free Full Game Do...

VR Kanojo gives the player a virtual girlfriend and several scenarios with which to spend time with her.[4] The player interacts with Sakura Yuuhi - a young Japanese girl[4] - in her bedroom.[5] The game is played through a virtual reality headset,[4] with VR controllers simulating the player's hands in-game.[6] The player can answer questions by nodding or shaking their head.[1] The player can customize the girl's appearance with various outfits,[6] can touch the girl and can engage in virtual sex through explicit sexual scenarios, including handjobs, blowjobs and vaginal intercourse.[4]

In a review for Kotaku, Kate Gray writes: "And VR Kanojo gives you what you want: full-blown sex, slightly pixelated but still realistic. But it gives you more than that: it gives you a feeling of intimacy. [...] Perhaps it's possible to virtually replicate intimacy and love. When I'm lying in a virtual bed with a virtual girlfriend, maybe I can believe that."[4]

Kazuya first rented Chizuru out of depression from losing his first real girlfriend, Mami. He initially saw Chizuru as the ideal girlfriend; one free of any flaws and exceptionally beautiful. After reading the reviews of her other customers, he was enraged by how everything she does is all just an act for her own benefit, in which, he exuded a tantrum in public during their next meeting. 041b061a72


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