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Babu is a college graduate with a carefree attitude, who makes an exam supervisor help him pass the exam. After completing his exam, Babu falls for his classmate Keerthy and pursues her to accept his love. After many attempts, Keerthy falls for Babu after he helps her friend Paddu reunite with her fiancé. However, Babu's happiness is short-lived when he learns that Keerthy is engaged to SI Siddharth Varma.

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Siddhu had fell in love with Keerthy and meets her father, who tells Siddhu to achieve something in life. After getting selected as the SI. Keerthy's father agrees to the proposal. Keerthy tells Babu to make her father accept him as his son-in-law. However, trouble ensues where it is revealed that Keerthy's father is the same exam supervisor, who rejects him due to his carefree nature. Keerthy helps Babu to apply for a job, but Babu refuses which leads Keerthy to breakup with Babu. 2b4c41e320


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