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Shemale Private Parts

Shemale (also spelled she-male; also she-man and he-she) is a term most commonly used in the pornography industry to describe trans women or other people with male genitalia and female secondary sex characteristics (including breasts) acquired via hormones or surgery.[1] Many people in the transgender community consider the term offensive and degrading.[1][2][3] Using the term shemale for a trans woman may imply that she is working in the sex trade.[3]

shemale private parts

Some biologists have used shemale to refer to male non-human animals displaying female traits or behaviors, such as female pheromones being given off by male reptiles.[7][8][9][10] Joan Roughgarden, a biologist and Charles Darwin-critic, rejected use of the term in the reptile literature, as she says it is "degrading and has been borrowed from the porn industry."[11] She writes that gynomorphic male and andromorphic female are preferred in scientific literature, adding, "I hope future work on these animals is carried out with more professionalism."[12]

Since the mid-19th century, the term she-male has been applied to "almost anyone who appears to have bridged gender lines", including effeminate men and lesbians.[13] In the early 19th century, she-male was used as a colloquialism in American literature for female, often pejoratively.[14] Davy Crockett is quoted as using the term in regard to a shooting match; when his opponent challenges Crockett to shoot near his opponent's wife, Crockett is reported to have replied: "'No, No, Mike,' sez I, 'Davy Crockett's hand would be sure to shake, if his iron pointed within a hundred miles of a shemale, and I give up beat...'"[15] It was used through the 1920s to describe a woman, usually a feminist or an intellectual.[16]

In 1979, Janice Raymond employed the term as a derogatory descriptor for trans women in her controversial book, The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male.[22] Raymond and other cultural feminists like Mary Daly argue that a "she-male" or "male-to-constructed female" is still male and constitutes a patriarchal attack by males upon the female essence.[23] This is often considered to be part of trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) ideology. In some cultures, shemale can also be used interchangeably with other terms referring to trans women.[24]

The term has since become a derogatory term applied to trans women.[13] Psychologists Dana Finnegan and Emily Mcnally write that the term "tends to have demeaning connotations."[25] French professor John Phillips writes that shemale is "a linguistic oxymoron that simultaneously reflects but, by its very impossibility, challenges [gender] binary thinking, collapsing the divide between the masculine and the feminine."[26] Trans author Leslie Feinberg writes, "'he-she' and 'she-male' describe the person's gender expression with the first pronoun and the birth sex with the second. The hyphenation signals a crisis of language and an apparent social contradiction, since sex and gender are 'supposed' to match."[27] Jack Halberstam, director of the Institute for Research on Women, Gender and Sexuality, describes she-male as "a degrading pornographic term".[28] The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has said the term is a "dehumanizing slur"[29] and should not be used "except in a direct quote that reveals the bias of the person quoted."[30]

Some have adopted the term as a self-descriptor, often in the context of sex work.[5][13][34] Gender non-conforming author Kate Bornstein wrote that a friend who self-identified as "she-male" described herself as "tits, big hair, lots of make-up, and a dick."[35] Pornographic actress Wendy Williams stated, "I don't think tranny and she-male are slurs. They were words initially used so the laymen person could understand the products they were buying in porn. There are more issues we have to worry about: suicide, the homeless rate, getting an education and finding jobs as trans women."[1] According to sex columnist Sasha, "The term shemale is used in [the pornography] setting to denote a fetishized sexual persona and is not typically used by transgendered women outside of sex work. Many transgendered women are offended by this categorization and call themselves T-girls or trans."[36]

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